Lindsay Lohan Flashes Her Smile and Chest For Terry Richardson

February 7, 2012 By:
Lindsay Lohan Flashes Her Smile and Chest For Terry Richardson

Terry Richardson is a genius among men, for he somehow convinces women to take off their clothes in front of him for free. Even Hugh Hefner had to pay a million for this.

Lindsay Lohan had another photo shoot with renowned celebrity photographer Terry Richardson.

In the black and white photos, Lindsay puffs on a cigarette and looks unaware as her right boob is hanging out of her top. These photos remind me of two things: 1) Lindsay Lohan is desperate to stay in the spotlight

2) I need to get boobs.

Lindsay also dons heart-shaped sunglasses and a fur vest in one photo. Another photo features her with her fingers in her mouth in front of a framed photo of Marilyn Monroe.

The series of photographs were reportedly taken at the celebrity hot spot Chateau Marmont. One of the photos appears to take place in Lindsay’s hotel room. Richardson holds a book up to her face. It’s entitled Furious Love, a biography about Elizabeth Taylor’s marriage to Richard Burton. You know, in case you forgot that Lindsay is up for that whole Lifetime biopic thing.


Over the weekend, Lohan was spotted at the Chateau’s outdoor patio restaurant where she was reportedly “in a great mood.”

“She looked really happy to be there,” a source said. “She was being social and said hi to several people who passed by her table.”

The source relayed that Lindsay got a little upset when she saw a flash come from a nearby table. She had a friend go over to the table and tell the patron to delete the picture from their camera, only to find out they had taken a picture of an empty chair to send to their friend who was running late.
I repeat: an empty chair.