Lindsay Lohan Facing 245 Days in Prison

December 14, 2012 By:
Lindsay Lohan Facing 245 Days in Prison


Prosecutors are really, really, for realsies trying to get public enemy #1 Lindsay Lohan behind bars this time. I know, I know, we’ve all seen this “Law & Order” episode before, but no, really they swear! It’s not a re-run—it’s different this time. They’re probably walking into court with their fingers crossed right now even!

“Prosecutors are going after Lindsay with a vengeance because of her flagrant disregard for the law,” a source tells Radar.

“The LA City Attorney's office will present evidence to Commissioner Jane Godfrey that Lindsay has a long storied history of lying to cops. Prosecutors want Commissioner Godfrey to sentence Lindsay to 245 days behind bars for the probation violation.”

Apparently this probation leash isn’t tight enough on Lindsay, since she just keeps finding ways to stray. Prosecutors think it’ll be best for all of us if we just threw her in a cage for a few.

LiLo, Hollywood’s Most Wanted, failed to appear in court on Wednesday and comply with an arraignment regarding charges of lying to the police about a car crash on the Pacific Coast Highway last June. What happened was Lindsay said she wasn’t behind the wheel of that accident, which doesn’t match up with her passenger’s side of the story or those of eyewitnesses, who then claimed it really was her driving.

Of course, Lindsay still holds to the deluded belief that the world is out to get her, that law enforcement has a “vendetta to bring her down” because for this troubled starlet life is just one big dramatic Hollywood movie that airs on loop for a Lifetime.