Lindsay Lohan Faces One Year in Jail

October 20, 2010 By:
Lindsay Lohan Faces One Year in Jail

Friday is going to be the day of reckoning for Lindsay Lohan!

Sources say she faces up to one year in jail! A source close to the situation tells Judge Elden Fox could sentence Lindsay up to one year behind bars when she appears for her probation violation hearing on Friday.

“Judge Fox could be inclined to sentence Lindsay on Friday up to one year in jail,” says the source. “The fact that he ordered Lindsay to appear, even though she is currently in rehab and not planning to fight the probation violation, has Lindsay’s legal team very, very, concerned.”

Judge Refuses to Meet With Lindsay's Lawyer Before Hearing

The insider continued, “Even though Judge Fox has previously said that any dirty drug test would result in an automatic 30 days behind bars, he could go above and beyond that and simply terminate her probation.

“If he does that, he can sentence Lindsay to up to one year in jail. She would get credit for time served from her stint at Lynwood earlier this year and would probably do four to five months in jail.”

People in Lindsay’s camp are reportedly bracing themselves for bad news. “I wouldn’t be surprised if she gets a year in jail and serves six months,” says one source. “I think everyone close to her would like to see her go back to rehab, but there’s an overwhelming feeling that something is going to happen to Lindsay if she doesn’t go away for a long time, so they’re reconciling with the fact that she could go to jail for a while. People are scared.”

Lindsay Has to Appear in Court In Person

“Judge Fox is fair, but if there is an inclination that someone has violated his orders, he doesn’t have any patience for that,” another source added.

We’ll have our eyes glued to our computer screens Friday morning—especially since no cameras are allowed inside the courtroom again.

Judge Fox has also made it known that all devices are prohibited, including Blackberrys, laptops and iPhones. Court starts promptly at 8:30AM.

Stay tuned for the dramatic outcome!