Lindsay Lohan Faces Jail Time For New Crime

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Lindsay Lohan Faces Jail Time For New Crime
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For the first time in Lindsay Lohan’s career she might actually go to jail! And it’s not for a DUI, coke possession, or stealing, it’s for the lesser of all her crimes…lying to cops.

Let me jog your memory, Lindsay was in a car accident on PCH over the summer and when cops asked if she was driving the vehicle, she lied and said her assistant was driving. Too bad, tons of witnesses saw her driving the car.

Despite the LA County District Attorney telling us back in August that they would not file criminal charges against the actress, law enforcement sources have told TMZ that the Santa Monica City Attorney will file the case as a misdemeanor this week.

So Lindsay’s going to be charged with lying to police and this is bad because she’s on probation from the jewelry heist. If Judge Sautner wants to, she can send Lindsay back to the clink, but it will probably only be for like a few hours if Lindsay’s Hollywood attorneys have anything to do with it.

Law enforcement officials also revealed that Lindsay had prescription pills in her car and they were going to charge her for drug crimes but LiLo’s lawyer Shawn Holley showed cops Lindsay's prescription.

Lindsay almost didn’t lie to police. She lied to police about being behind the wheel when she got to the hospital just as her lawyer was on her way to tell Lindsay to stop talking to police. Too bad she was too late to the hospital and Lindsay got her lie out.