Lindsay Lohan: Everyone is Out to Get Me

January 5, 2011 By:
Lindsay Lohan: Everyone is Out to Get Me

Lindsay Lohan is convinced everyone is out to get her, and for the first time, she's not completely off.

The Palm Desert Police Department is determined to take her down even though her probation is none of their damn business. They're convinced that she was under the influence of drugs and alcohol while at Betty Ford, even though they don't have an ounce of proof.

Lindsay is Stalking Samantha Ronson

Lindsay's attorney Shawn Chapman Holley got sucked into the drama and had to release a statement about the whole mess.

"I had numerous conversations with Betty Ford counselors and doctors over the course of Lindsay's treatment there and it was never suggested by anyone that she ever drank or used drugs," Shawn Chapman Holley said Wednesday. "Her discharge letter from the facility is totally consistent with that."

This is stemming back to when Lindsay got into a confrontation with the Betty Ford employee and refused a Breathalyzer test while in treatment.

Lindsay Faces More Jail Time

I'll agree with Lindsay her probation and rehab stint has absolutely nothing to do with PD police. It's not even their jurisdiction! It's up to Judge Elden Fox what Lohan's fate will be.

Lindsay's scheduled in court on February 25th, but in the meanwhile PD should mind their own damn business and stop trying to stir up trouble for the sake of getting publicity.