Lindsay Lohan Enters No Contest, Must Serve 120 Days

May 11, 2011 By:
Lindsay Lohan Enters No Contest, Must Serve 120 Days

Lindsay Lohan just got a huge break! Her lawyer (who seriously really needs a raise) just announced that Lindsay pled no contest for misdemeanor shoplifting and won’t appeal again.

Here’s what went down:

-Lindsay isn’t allowed to go within 100 feet of the jewelry store. No surprise there.

-She will serve 120 days in county jail, but the Sheriff’s department will determine if she can do the time at home with an electronic monitoring device. If she gets “home detention,” she’ll have to complete the time at home. Think Lily on ‘Gossip Girl’.

-Judge Stephanie Sautner said during the hearing, she doesn't believe Lindsay's problem is substance abuse, but rather her problems are more deeply rooted and she is self-medicating to relieve those problems. So Lindsay won't be required to undergo substance abuse counseling, but must complete psychological counseling and a shoplifters alternative class.

-She can end up serving 20% of the time she’s been sentenced based on good behavior, which could be 14-17 days.

-Before she gets booked, the Sheriff’s department will determine the home detention situation and time served.

-She has to serve 480 hours of community service and once she’s completed that her probation on the DUI case will be terminated. But she’ll be on 3 years probation for the current theft case.

-She will still “be in custody,” but will be in custody in the comfort of her own home. How convenient. No special treatment here.

-Lindsay is to surrender to the woman's jail on or before June 17, 2011. And will be on probation for this theft case for three years. What are the chances she can stay out of trouble for 3 years? Tell us your thoughts below!