Lindsay Lohan Drunkenly DJs in London

March 5, 2010 By:
Lindsay Lohan Drunkenly DJs in London

Lindsay Lohan may just want to stick to her day job—oh right, she doesn’t have one. Regardless, it seems she should leave the spinning to her ex-girlfriend Samantha Ronson.

Lindsay is currently in London, and guest-DJ’d the Nokia X6 launch party last night at The Sketch Club with established spinner DJ Gareth Geno. But the reports are in—and Lindsay was horrible!

Sources tell Radar Online that she quickly cleared the room with her "awful song choices and lack of experience. "It was really embarrassing to watch," the eyewitness said. "You could tell she didn't didn't know what she was doing."

In addition, people say Lindsay definitely wasn’t just drinking water, like she pretends to do all the time. "Lindsay was clearly struggling to play the set on her own and had to ask gareth for help. She seemed like a total drunken, incoherent mess."

Lindsay’s drinking and smoking was so apparent that it messed up her whole set. "Lindsay constantly had a drink in her hand the whole time she was playing,” said the source. They added that she repeatedly broke the rules of the club by smoking indoors.

We’ve come to the conclusion that it’s physically impossible for Lindsay to stay in. She’s just doing more and more damage with each day that passes.