Lindsay Lohan "Devastated" Over Restraining Order

April 7, 2009 By:
Lindsay Lohan

Lindsay Lohan is reportedly "devastated" over reports that Samantha Ronson and her family are seeking a restraining order against her.

Sam's mother and sister went to a Beverly Hills police station yesterday asking questions about the restraining order process, and Sam has already changed all the locks at her Los Angeles home.

Lohan is reportedly an "emotional wreck -- crying uncontrollably," reports TMZ.

Sam has already cut all communication with Lindsay, but luckily Lindsay has her mother and sister by her side. Her father Michael is claiming that he's clearing his schedule to also help her mend her broken heart.

We have a feeling this breakup is going to get real ugly, real soon! Let's just hope Lindsay doesn't pull a Britney and shave her head or something outrageous like that!