Lindsay Lohan Crashes Party to Confront Boyfriend's Wife

September 23, 2011 By:
Lindsay Lohan Crashes Party to Confront Boyfriend's Wife

Sounds about right. As the days go by, Lindsay Lohan just gets crazier and crazier.

According to the New York Post, Lohan was spending time with her latest boyfriend, hotel magnate Vikram Chatwal, at one of his New York suites. When Vikram's estranged wife, Priya Sachdev, arrived, that's when sh-t hit the fan.

A source who witnessed the incident told the Post:

"Lindsay found out Vikram was hosting a dinner at the Dream, and turned up with a friend at the hotel's Electric Room, waiting for him. That's when the trouble started. Priya was very dignified, but Lindsay was so rude. She acted as if she'd had no idea Vikram was married, and tried to make it clear that Vikram was her friend. Others had to step in to calm things down."

Lindsay is reportedly staying at Vikram's house and has moved in her hairdresser. Guys, you know it gets serious when a girl moves in her hairdresser, am I right?

Lohan was also allegedly told she had to leave a few days before Priya got home to avoid any awkwardness. Well, that plan went well.
According to the source, Chatwal's father isn't impressed with his son dating a celebrity:

"Vikram's father Sant Singh has tried to order Lindsay out numerous times. Vikram's family worry that Lindsay is bad news and want him to stay away from her."

As for Vikram and Priya, the two married in 2006 and then separated, but they remain friends. I'm guessing the separation had something to do with him being the type of person that would have Lindsay Lohan as a fetish.

Lindsay's rep, Steve Honig, denies that Lohan and Chatwal are romantically involved:

"Vikram and Lindsay are good friends, and there is absolutely no romance going on between them."

So maybe he hasn't yet snorted coke off of her butt it's just not that serious yet.

Lohan was out and about during New York Fashion week, but she didn't exactly get the best press. In addition to this little scene, Lohan reportedly caused a ruckus everywhere she went. Honig is telling the media that this hurts Lindsay's feelings. Awe.

"Lindsay attended Fashion Week on business to see the collections, meet with designers, stylists and retailers and fulfill a few appearance commitments. She was extremely distressed at the level of media attention her presence attracted as well all the rumors that abounded during the week. These reports were completely false and made-up by people looking to exploit her for their own benefit and self-promotion.”