Lindsay Lohan in Court for Failing Booze Test

June 23, 2011 By:
Lindsay Lohan in Court for Failing Booze Test

Lindsay Lohan might be headed to the slammer. And the actual slammer this time, not her beachside home in Venice.

Lohan is at L.A. County Courthouse right now because she failed an alcohol test while under house arrest. She is nearly finished with her house arrest sentence, but tested positive for alcohol earlier in the month. Sources say the L.A. County Probation Department plans to ask Judge Stephanie Sautner to put Lohan in jail.

Lohan cancelled a Today show interview with Matt Lauer yesterday, and sources at NBC were reportedly "mystified" over the cancellation. Lohan said, at first, she wanted to cut the interview to fifteen minutes, but then cancelled altogether.

Lohan submitted two tests a week ago. One tested positive for booze, and the other was negative. Neither test showed evidence of drug abuse. At a get together Lohan threw from her home with friends earlier this month, there was apparently an open bottle of wine photographed, suggesting that the group had been drinking.

We'll see if the Judge is fed up with giving Lohan a break this time.

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