Lindsay Lohan Convinced Cops Are Conspiring Against Her

November 7, 2012 By:
Lindsay Lohan Convinced Cops Are Conspiring Against Her
Image By: Splash News

Lindsay Lohan could be facing jail-time after lying to cops during her car accident over the summer. However, Lindsay Lohan doesn’t think she did ANYTHING wrong and is convinced that the cops have it out for her.

That’s right, all the Los Angeles cops have nothing better to do than think up ways to get Lindsay Lohan to go to jail. This is what the police force does all day long: conspire against Lindsay Lohan.

Lindsay will be charged with lying to police because she claimed that she wasn’t driving the vehicle when it crashed on PCH back in June. Despite multiple witnesses claiming otherwise, Lindsay is sticking to her story that the LAPD has a vendetta against her. 

This all according to TMZ who cites “friends” of Lindsay.

Apparently Lindsay is “terrified” of going back to jail and doesn’t even want to drive her car anymore for fear of doing one thing wrong.

“One car accident could ruin everything for me,” LiLo reportedly told friends. 

I get that Lindsay is on pretty strict probation, but the majority of the rest of the world will go their ENTIRE LIVES without getting pulled over, arrested, or getting into legal trouble. How come Lindsay can’t do that? Why can’t she be like the rest of us! Just follow the rules dammit!

Anyways, Lindsay might be curbing her partying/driving ways, but who knows, she’s overdue for a run-in with the law in a few months. You know, she does have “screw-up” quota to meet each month.