Lindsay Lohan Claims Justin Timberlake is a Cheater

June 17, 2009 By:
Lindsay Lohan Claims Justin Timberlake is a Cheater

Don’t get on Lindsay Lohan's bad side! The newly single lady went out last night to The Avenue Lounge, a new lounge in Chelsea NYC.

She may have gone out with the intentions of having a good time, but something allegedly happened that made her pretty angry!

According to blogger Poison Ivy, Justin Timberlake was also out last night, sans girlfriend Jessica Biel.

The website claims JT was a little tipsy off Patron shots, and proceeded to not only break dance for the crowd, but he was spotted canoodling, kissing, and holding hands with a mystery brunette!

We’ve heard no news of him breaking up with Jessica Biel, so this is a little shocking! And Lindsay Lohan thought so too. She wasted no time outing Justin as a cheater (since we know how much Lindsay likes ‘em!).

She immediately took to her Twitter, and wrote at 3AM, "...where's jb [Jessica Biel] cheater?"

She wastes no time! Click here to read the post, and see the picture associated with the alleged cheater. You can see more pics of Justin’s mystery brunette here.