Lindsay Lohan Charged With 4 Crimes Today

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Lindsay Lohan Charged With 4 Crimes Today
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Lindsay Lohan will be charged with 4 crimes today and her only punishment will probably be several minutes spent in jail and some sweeping duty at the county morgue. God Bless America.

I’m just speculating here on her sentencing, but LiLo is FOR SURE charged with 4 different crimes today.

In connection with her car accident in Santa Monica in June when Lindsay hopped into the passenger seat and lied to police claming she wasn’t driving the car, the Santa Monica City Attorney will charge Lindsay with a) giving false information to a peace officer b) obstructing or resisting a police officer in the performance of his duty and c) reckless driving.

All of these charges combined are punishable by up to a year and 9 months in jail.

But like I said, Lindsay will probably just get a strongly worded talking-to and a couple minutes in the clink. But that's just my (non) expert opinion.

But what about the fourth crime? Well, she was arrested for punching a chick in NY last night, so...

Not only is Lindsay breaking laws like it’s her job (it actually IS her job at this point) she is also still on probation from her jewelry heist case so it’s double bad that she’s such a law breaker.

Lindsay will go before a judge next week who will revoke her probation and will determine when/if/how long LiLo will go to jail for.