Lindsay Lohan Calls her Dad Yelling - Mom Is Coked Out

October 10, 2012 By:
Lindsay Lohan Calls her Dad Yelling - Mom Is Coked Out

The Lindsay Lohan drama continues to spiral out of control. Hot off the news that Lindsay and her mom Dina got into a fight last night and had to call the cops, now audio from Lindsay’s phone call to her dad Michael reveal that Dina was reportedly coked out.

“Dad, she’s on cocaine” – Lindsay yelled on the phone to her dad in audio obtained by TMZ.

Not only that but Lindsay legit thought she was being kidnapped by her mom.

In the phone call Lindsay describes her mother’s behavior, saying “She’s like touching her neck, and sh*t…She’s saying disgusting things to me…I’m dead to her now.”

Lindsay called her dad (for help? For a cocaine spirit guide?) but throughout the phone call she yells at her mom, “This is what you do. You ruin people,” before returning to the conversation with her dad, “She’s like the f*cking devil right now.”

Apparently this entire fight erupted when Dina and Lindsay couldn’t decide where to take their limo. Dina was too cheap to pay for a taxi and wanted Lindsay’s limo to take her back to Long Island. Then Lindsay demanded that Dina give her back the $40,000 she just gifted her to keep Dina’s house from foreclosing. Uggh, it’s so confusing.

Michael Lohan tells Hollyscoop, “Dina is endangering Lindsay, Ali and Cody and it has to stop. [Dina is] using the kids as pawns and lying to get money from both of us. She just took another $40,000 from Lindsay.”

Ugh, mama drama.