Lindsay Lohan Blows Off Legals Woes to Party

February 8, 2013 By:
Lindsay Lohan Blows Off Legals Woes to Party
Image By: Splash News


A new reports claims Lindsay Lohan would rather party than deal with her responsibilities… What? Our Lindsay? No…

Yes. A photog by the name of Grigor Balyan is suing the “Liz & Dick” star involving a car accident that happened in 2010 outside a L.A. nightclub. She was in the passenger seat and her assistant was driving. 

Apparently, Mr. Baylan has been trying like hell to get LiLo to sit down for a deposition, but the rickety actress keeps blowing him off…

TMZ is reporting that in all Baylan’s attempts to lock down Lindsay, she always comes back with the excuse of being too busy to care. 

But, citing photos and gossip stories splattered all over the Internet, it appears to Balyan that the only thing that Lindz is busy with is soaking up Vodka like a floating sponge in a bath of debauchery… or something like that.

What’s more, Baylan claims Lindsay blew him off for a deposition yet again last week when she said she couldn’t come to L.A.

But, if you’re even remotely following the Lindsay story that is quickly becoming a Lifetime movie in and of itself, then you’ll know that she WAS in L.A. for the court case relating to her accident on the PCH.

Baylan is seeking $4,842.43 in lawyer fees and a meeting with LiLo ASAP. So continues her FML streak…