Lindsay Lohan Blames Pap For Getting Hit With Car

August 2, 2012 By:

Lindsay Lohan’s car struck a paparazzo, and she’s saying its his fault for getting in the way.

TMZ has the story on the incident that happened back in January of 2010 but is still circulating in the form of paperwork around the L.A. County Superior Court.

Apparently while Lindsay, a passenger in her own car driven by her assistant under her instruction, was trying to pull out of a nightclub, Grigor Balyan stepped in front of the vehicle trying to get his shot.

Instead he got hit and suffered both neurological and orthopedic injuries.

Lohan, oblivious to something called the right-of-way, has a report on file claiming that Balyan "carelessly put himself near a moving automobile" which resulted in him causing his own injuries.

The whole thing is awaiting a ruling from a judge. Who knows how long that will take.

Last month Lohan had to fork over some money to the “victims” of a 2007 joyride. Where Lindz apparently ruined the summer for some boys by driving them around town, recklessly.

Between then and now we estimate that Lohan has had about 267 traffic violations (yes that’s an exaggeration, or maybe not, who knows with this girl), including when she rear-ended an 18-wheeler on the highway in a rented Porsche.

There may have been some sort of paparazzi tie in to this last offense, and she might have a case avoiding fault under CA’s new paparazzi law that finds them at fault for instigating dangerous situations in traffic for the sake of snapping pics.

A judge recently ruled in favor of Justin Bieber in a case of a similar nature (though there were no accidents in his incident).

But we’re pretty sure that this law won’t be used in this other suit against LiLo (plus) car (equals) bad news for the fiftieth time.

It doesn’t seem nailing a pedestrian holding a camera classifies as a dangerous traffic situation. We aren’t lawyers or anything, but isn’t that more in the category of “hit and run?”