Lindsay Lohan Black and White in New The Canyons Trailer

November 13, 2012 By:
Lindsay Lohan Black and White in New The Canyons Trailer


It appears as though Lindsay Lohan has remained in time travel mode in an effort to save her career. 

Following promotion for her straight-to-television epic “Liz & Dick,” a second teaser for Lindsay’s latest project The Canyons has arrived. 

The new trailer is one minute and thirty seconds of black and white footage straight out of the 1950s…which is odd because the movie takes place in modern day. 

“Post Empire Kickstarter” the opening graphic reads in the shot. 

The immediate reaction after watching The Canyons trailer number two is that there was an obvious reason producers kept all dialogue out of the first tease: These folks can’t act.

I mean, Lindsay does a good enough job, but she’s surrounded by a group of sex zombies grunting lines off a cue card—then again, this is generally unavoidable when you hire a porn icon as your leading man. I get that director Paul Schrader is going for this sex-fueled, soap opera tone (maybe), I just...I don’t know.

Perhaps the two top comments on the Youtube share best summarize the installment: 

“Lindsay looks gorgeous!! The guys are hot” and “we know that James Deen is only good at one thing and it ain't acting...”

The woman torn story seems interesting enough to carry viewers through. I for one am anxiously awaiting whatever cinematic cocktail “the pen of the Twitter-obsessed author Bret Easton Ellis” and “the never-nominated” Schrader combo whips up. Also a bravo goes out to DP, John DeFazio, for getting what he got with the budget he had available.

No, none of these thoughts will keep me from watching the movie when it’s released. And, yes, I’m unfairly judging this before it even comes out, but aren’t we all?

Watch/judge it for yourself here: