Lindsay Lohan To Be Sued By Lifetime Network

November 28, 2012 By:
Lindsay Lohan To Be Sued By Lifetime Network

Now that Lindsay Lohan’s opus “Liz & Dick” has debuted, she can get back to doing what she does best: getting into legal trouble.

Apparently Lindsay’s contract with Lifetime stipulated that she was prohibited from driving a car other than the car and driver provided by Lifetime during the six weeks of filming.

Obviously Lindsay didn’t listen when she smashed her car into the back of a semi on PCH over the summer.

Lifetime didn’t want to pursue the lawsuit before the TV flick’s premiere or it would take focus away from the movie, but now they are talking to Lindsay’s legal team to try and settle her breach of contract to avoid going to court.

“Lohan’s team is already preparing for the fallout from a civil case against her. Lifetime is probably waiting to see whether or not the District Attorney’s office files a case against Lindsay for lying. If they do, it will make their suit more credible,” a source told Fox News.

Of course they are referring to her “lying to police” fiasco. You know, when Lindsay crashed her car into the truck on PCH and then quickly switched into the passenger seat and told cops “I wasn’t driving.”

This isn’t the first time in recent history that Lindsay was threatened with a lawsuit.

Remember when she skipped out on rehearsals for Scary Movie 5 because she said she had something called “walking pneumonia?” Lindsay didn’t want to do the flick because the script made fun of her and she had to kiss Charlie Sheen. The only reason she showed up for filming was because the production threatened her with a lawsuit.

So that’s what’s happening in Lindsay Lohan’s life.