Lindsay Lohan Back on Gotti Flick

April 20, 2011 By:
Lindsay Lohan Back on Gotti Flick

Whoever's updating the IMDB page for the Gotti movie is having a busy day.
Lindsay Lohan
is now reportedly back on Gotti: Three Generations.

After Executive Producer Marc Flore revealed that Lindsay's people were too demanding to deal with, the star took it upon herself to get her role back, and it worked.

She's no longer playing Victoria Gotti, but will take on the role of the daughter-in-law of John Gotti.

Kim Kardashian
was once considered for the role as well.

Not quite the same as the original role, but hey, at least she's got some income coming in so she can pay all those court fees.

At this point, she should be happy if she's hired on as a grip.