Lindsay Lohan Heads to Club After Rehab Sentencing

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Lindsay Lohan Heads to Club After Rehab Sentencing
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Lindsay Lohan takes her sentences seriously. A judge gave her the encouraging thumbs up to attend a 90-day stint in a rehab facility yesterday, so naturally Lindz gave herself the go ahead to hit up a nightclub in Hollywood last night. She may show up almost an hour late for her court hearing, but she's right on time for the club. A night of boozed debauchery is the peanut butter to her court-ordered recovery jelly. Lindsay's life is just all about striking that healthy balance, obviously.

She did manage to dodge jail time for approximately the 332nd time, so I guess that is a reason to celebrate. However, her final sip of the drug that is Freedom was thwarted by the paparazzi who crashed LiLo's impromptu "going away" party.

As the starlet pulled up to AV Nightclub in an SUV, she shielded herself from their lenses in the backseat. Unable to shake their presence, Lindsay didn't even exit the vehicle to enter the venue. Instead her ride made its immediate getaway, swerving its route back into the curved non-dancefloor roads of Hollywood, until its dusty rear lights were merely a speck on the shrinking horizon of a night darker than the darkest of nights. Tragic.

Before the trial, Lindsay was adamant of her innocence, telling everyone she didn't have a problem with drugs and alcohol and believed she'd be getting off easy breezy, says Rudy Dekermenjian, a partner and manager of Mr. Pink's energy drink, the beverage Lindsay loosely endorses. It's a suspect statement because anyone who's seen a reality show knows the girl's got some issues, but given her actions last night she clearly has an insufferable case of FOMO (Fear Of Missing Out). Clubs are her Disneyland and she's still clutching that Fastpass, even though it expired years ago.

Some are still holding out hope that when the time comes for Lindsay to serve her sentence, she'll make it through. "I feel that Lindsay can absolutely turn her life around," says Dr. Howard Samuels, who runs a treatment facility in Los Angeles. He has worked with troubled celebs in the past and seen it happen. "She is in store for more pain here as she gets help, but there has to be a shift here."

That shift can start with shutting down her desire to shut it down in da club.