Lindsay Lohan Arrives at Court

October 22, 2010 By:
Lindsay Lohan Arrives at Court

Lindsay Lohan just showed up to the Beverly Hills courthouse for her hearing.

It begins at 8:30AM, and Lindsay will find out if she’s able to go back to rehab or back to jail.

Speaking of rehab, Lindsay did not leave last night. Despite rumors she was let out in order to make her hearing this morning, she did not leave until this morning.

Sources tell TMZ she was accompanied by medical professionals from Betty Ford and her mother Dina Lohan.

Apparently Lindsay thought it would look better in the judge’s eyes if she stayed last night.

It’s all about to go down in a few minutes so keep refreshing your page!

UPDATE: Lindsay and her lawyer Shawn Chapman Holley just entered the courtroom.

UPDATE #2: Lindsay came face to face with her father Michael Lohan today inside the court house. She was going through the metal detector and Michael was standing nearby. As she went through, he said something to her that appeared to be words of encouragement. Lindsay barely acknowledged he was even there, and was smirking as she walked by.

UPDATE #3: The lawyer are reportedly i chambers as of 8:45AM. A decision is coming soon!