Lindsay Lohan Arrested In Nightclub Brawl Again

November 29, 2012 By:
Lindsay Lohan Arrested In Nightclub Brawl Again
Image By: Splash News

Lindsay Lohan has been arrested. Again. At a nightclub. In NY. For getting mad at some girl, who wasn’t doing anything to Lindsay.

If you are having déjà-vu, you are not alone.

For some reason Lindsay thinks it’s her civic duty to fill the jail cells of every major city in the U.S. because

this troubled starlet was arrested last night after allegedly punching a girl at a NY nightclub called “Club Avenue.”

Here’s what happened.

Lindsay was sitting in a booth at the club and started to exchange words with a woman sitting in a completely separate booth. Apparently Lindsay said something to the effect of “give me my space.”

The woman did nothing else to provoke her but then Lindsay just randomly punched her.

Lindsay left the club and got into the passenger seat of a car before cops showed up and pulled Lindsay out of the car.

They handcuffed Lilo and as the cops walk her towards the squad car, Lindsay is heard crying and yelling “Are you kidding me?”

Lindsay was released from the police station about 4 hours later and was given a desk appearance ticket, which means she’ll have to appear before a judge sometime in the near future.

Lindsay also violated her probation by lying to cops over the summer in the now infamous “crash on PCH.”

If Lindsay doesn’t go to jail this time, I have lost faith in America. 

Check out the clip of her getting pulled out of the car and being taken away by police captured by TMZ below: