Lindsay Lohan and Tom Hardy: Sober Hookup Buddies

January 11, 2011 By:
Lindsay Lohan and Tom Hardy: Sober Hookup Buddies

Lindsay Lohan can’t go out at night and have fun like she used to, but she’s found a new way to have fun—hook up with her fellow sober friend Tom Hardy!

Just a day after it was denied the Inception star is her sober coach, I’m hearing whispers they’re more than just friends.

A source tells, "Lindsay loves how Tom has been sober for years, and she wants to make sure she follows in that path. He's a good looking guy with a great career who has overcome some major obstacles.

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“They're perfect together. Lindsay hopes it will turn into a serious relationship. She's really into him."

Homewrecker! Tom is engaged to actress Charlotte Riley, and if I were that girl, I’d be pissed! Lindsay and Tom were spotted at dinner together, and have been spending a lot of days together.

Insiders say their relationship is strictly business, but I don’t trust Lindsay as far as I can throw her. She would totally steal another girl’s fiancé and not blink an eye.

Charlotte needs to put the kibosh on this “friendship” like ASAP!