Lindsay Lohan and Tom Arnold: Rehab Buddies!

October 13, 2010 By:
Lindsay Lohan and Tom Arnold: Rehab Buddies!

What do Lindsay Lohan and Tom Arnold have in common?? Not much, really, except for the fact that they’re both currently in rehab at the Betty Ford clinic.

According to E! Online, Arnold and Lohan have gotten to be buddies while in recovery. "Tom Arnold has been really nice to Lindsay," says the source. "He's been trying to make friends with her."

Apparently this stint in rehab has been rough for Lindsay.
"She is feeling a bit lonely and wants to hear from her friends," the source says. "She can only have a few select visitors. Dina is going to visit her on Sunday."

Tom Arnold checked into the clinic two weeks ago to seek treatment for a prescription pill addiction following a recent colon surgery.

But it’s not like Tom and Linds are bunk mates or anything…males and females are in separate areas most of the time. "Men and women are segregated," the source says, "and don't interact beyond any group sessions."

Well, we’re glad to hear there’s another celebrity at Betty Ford with Lindsay to sympathize with her. Hopefully this will be her last stint in rehab!