Lindsay Lohan and Liz Taylor: Uninsurable Across Generations

June 19, 2012 By:
Lindsay Lohan and Liz Taylor: Uninsurable Across Generations

When we all first found out that Lindsay Lohan was to play the iconic Liz Taylor in the Lifetime movie “Liz and Dick”, a lot of eyes were rolled and many wondered how someone so tragically chaotic would be able to recreate the screen icon. Too bad, Liz Taylor was kind of Lindsay Lohan 1.0.

As part of Lindsay’s insurance police, Lohan was prohibited from driving a car while shooting “Liz and Dick.”

Lindsay was so terribly uninsurable that the insurance company was originally reluctant to take the risk, but since Hollywood is a dark nightmare place that rewards people for bad behavior and gives far too many second chances, Lindsay was placed in the film, as long as she didn’t DRIVE ANY CARS AT ALL!

Meaning, Lindsay driving a car down PCH and getting in an accident is in direct violation of her insurance policy.

As for the consequences, TMZ has learned [ that the insurance company hasn’t taken any action against LiLo or the film…YET.

Anyway, apparently Lindsay and Liz Taylor are some kind of kindred spirits, connecting through the cosmos through Lifetime Movie voodoo, because back in the '60s Liz Taylor’s personal life was so highly publicized that she was equally uninsurable.

St. Petersburg Times newspaper from 1972 printed the following article about uninsurable actors, “Elizabeth Taylor was temporarily uninsurable after ‘Cleopatra,’ when her personal problems contributed to the immense cost of the epic. She has since worked in films, with no insurance problems.”

Liz Taylor’s personal turmoil in the '50s-'60s closely resembled Lindsay’s current public image.

History repeats itself? Maybe Lindsay WAS the perfect actress for the role.