Lindsay Lohan Already Back in Rehab

October 22, 2010 By:
Lindsay Lohan Already Back in Rehab

Lindsay Lohan is obeying the judges orders and is already back at Betty Ford after appearing in court this morning in Beverly Hills.

A woman and two men in a mini-van, presumably staff members from Betty Ford, accompanied Lilo on the two hour trip back.

She reportedly made a pit stop at McDonald's for some fast food, but didn't get out of the car.

Lindsay Avoids Jail Time

As we previously reported, the judge ordered Lindsay back to rehab for another 2.5 months. She's going to be at Betty Ford until January 3rd.

After she leaves rehab she'll be on probation until 2011 and will have to submit random drug and alcohol tests, but won't have to wear the SCRAM bracelet.

We're glad to see Lindsay taking positive steps and getting clean. We just hope she stays clean and sober after January.