Lindsay Lohan Almost Couldn't Post Bail

September 27, 2010 By:
Lindsay Lohan Almost Couldn't Post Bail

Lindsay Lohan may have posted $300,000 bail on Friday night, but it wasn’t easy to do. According to Popeater, it almost didn’t happen because of how far in the hole she is.

Sources say, "Lindsay hasn't earned that sort of money in a long time. There was a moment when the family honestly thought Lindsay wasn't going to be released because they didn't have that amount of money available to post bail."

Her lawyers were reportedly working around the clock to get Lindsay out as soon as possible, and feared it wouldn’t happen because of Lilo’s money issues. Lucky for her though, Lindsay has the support of her Inferno producers, who have said she’s still their star for the movie. That’s one paycheck she’s definitely going to need.

So how did Lindsay become so broke? A friend says it’s been a long time coming.

"It's not a big secret that Lindsay needs money," says the friend. "She makes most of her cash selling stories or photographs to the magazines and tabloids, but that is nowhere near the sort of cash she used to earn as an actress. The real problem is that every penny she earns she spends. She's always buying new clothes and shoes from expensive stores. There's no one in Lindsay's life telling her she can't afford it. It's a problem almost as serious as her drug addiction."

Just add that to the list of things she needs to overcome in rehab!