Lindsay Lohan’s Nightclub Altercation: A Setup?

April 9, 2012 By:
Lindsay Lohan’s Nightclub Altercation: A Setup?

Some woman is alleging that Lindsay Lohan attacked her at The Standard in West Hollywood. The only problem is, no one knows what this woman is talking about.

The woman filed an incident report with the West Hollywood Sheriff’s Department, according to TMZ, alleging battery.

She claims that Lindsay had her eye on some dude at the venue, and when she saw the woman talking to the guy, she flipped out and attacked her. The woman claims that she was injured on her back and has the bruises to prove it.

But sources say that Lindsay didn’t even leave the house that night—she was at home watching TV. Specifically, she’s catching up on the Showtime series, Homeland. So now, Lindsay Lohan doesn’t even have to leave the house to get in trouble.

No one at The Standard knows anything about the alleged incident, either. TMZ reports: “We have spoken with 6 people at the hotel -- some of whom were working on the night in question -- and none of them saw Lindsay that evening.”

None of them heard anything about Lindsay heading to the hotel, nor did they hear anything about an altercation.

A couple of weeks ago, Lindsay had a little victory in court when she was taken off of her formal probation. She called in to TMZ

Live to tell them how she feels: “It’s been several years, so I did what I had to do and it takes time to realize that. But it’s a good day.”