Lindsay Lohan’s Relapse Reports Linked to 'Repetitive Numbing'

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Lindsay Lohan’s Relapse Reports Linked to \'Repetitive Numbing\'
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Lindsay Lohan maintains her place at the top of our celebrity radars today.

A new report seems to back Michael Lohan’s claim that he was not alone in his recent and publicized intervention attempt.

Hollyscoop has been in contact with Dr. Nicholas Kardaras, Ph. D, the clinical director of the Dunes Easthampton, for specifics on the process of an intervention. The details are easily linked to reported insight at the Lohan camp.

“My clinical perspective is to look at addiction as the habituated self-medicating behavior that is the visible manifestation of a larger underlying compendium of issues--a perfect storm, if you will; these storm fronts are oftentimes emotional, psychological, environmental, childhood or even existential issues that lead a person to seek repetitive numbing” says Kardaras.

As Hollyscoop previously reported, sources close to Lindsay’s condition have said that Michael’s staged intervention was a group effort involving her entire management team.

“In an intervention, the addict may or may not even be in a place yet where they can connect those dots,” adds Kardaras. “Regardless, we try and--in a non-accusing way, let the person know that there is an alternative to their currently problematic lifestyle.”

“Non-accusing” is not exactly the how some might describe Michael’s approach to the situation, who showed up unannounced to her Beverly Hills home. The high intensity moment resulted in a 911 call and police response.

According to Kardaras, getting someone clean is not as simple as calling them out.

“The family member in-need either gets it or they don't,” he says. “And even if they briefly "get it" and decide to enter treatment, the battle is far from over.”

According to emails obtained by TMZ, Lilo’s manager Evan Hainey, her entertainment lawyer Dave Feldman, and her criminal defense lawyer Shawn Holley were all involved in the staged intervention.

A new report has Lindsay drinking upwards of a bottle and a half of vodka a day and consuming cocaine on a regular basis.

Whether the story is true of not, Kardardas underlines that if a patient is going to get clean, the only person that is going to save them at the end of the day is his or herself. 

“Will the intervention work?” relaying a story of another patient. “Time will tell. But as I stress to the family members, at least their loved one will have a fighting chance to save their life.”

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