Lindsay Lo-Down: Drunk at Crash and No Jail Time?

February 27, 2013 By:
Lindsay Lo-Down: Drunk at Crash and No Jail Time?
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Lindsay Lohan’s career is so messy and complicated that we can’t even devote separate stories to each new event, otherwise you’d be reading So instead, we put everything you need to know about Lindsay into one post for your convenient viewing pleasure.

Lindsay Reeked of Booze After Car Accident: When Lindsay crashed her car on PCH over the summer, she reportedly smelled like alcohol and a bottle of alcohol was found on the ground next to her car. For whatever reason, the cops didn’t make her take a breathalyzer test because celebrities don’t get in trouble for anything in this town.

New Plea Deal Blames Lindsay’s Parents: Lindsay's lawyer Mark Heller just fired off a letter to the judge basically begging the judge NOT to send Lindsay to jail because all of Lindsay’s problems stem from her dysfunctional family and that if given time, Lindsay’s legal team can “fix her” because LiLo’s lawyer doesn’t know that criminals generally have dysfunctional families and thinks Lindsay is the first lawbreaker to have crappy parents, apparently.

New Plea Deal: Lindsay’s new plea deal in the lying-to-cops case reportedly includes 60 days of in-patient rehab while her probation violation case just wants her to attend AA and do community service. So yeah, LiLo might actually escape jail, again.

Michael Lohan Hates Mark Heller: Michael Lohan took personal offense to Mark Heller calling Lindsay’s family “dysfunctional” so Michael told Hollyscoop, “This is a family thing and Heller should have no say or input as he can’t even get out of his own way! He has his own issues!”