Lindsay Lo-Down: Crappy People, Crappier Lawsuits

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Lindsay Lo-Down: Crappy People, Crappier Lawsuits
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And now we check in once again to see how Lindsay Lohan is faring in the world. Turns out, not very well.

Insurance Fraud: You know those people that set their cars on fire to scam insurance companies out of money? Well, Lindsay’s life is a lot like those stories. Only, in her case, she’s the car getting burned.

TMZ is reporting that a Hollywood producer by the name of Rick Schwartz is being sued by some dude with a lot of money named Michael Braun. In the suit, Braun claims that he gave Schwartz $110,000 to use to help insure Lindsay during her now infamous TV movie “Liz & Dick.”

Schwartz reportedly got the money, but had nothing to do with the production. Now Braun’s pissed.

Lawsuit Dropped Because it Sucked to Begin With: There’s a Pitbull song that features the lyrics: “Hustlers move aside / so I'm toptoein', to keep flowin' / I got it locked up / like Lindsay Lohan.”

The actress didn’t appreciate the rapper’s reference. She sued Mr. Bull to have the song pulled from existence, citing: “irreparable harm” to her career.

But, as U.S. District Court Judge Denis Hurley ruled, the song is actually a protected piece of art. Therefore, the lawsuit—dating beck to 2011—was dismissed. The Hollywood Reporter has the exclusive.

Torn Dress, Shattered Dreams: If you haven’t heard by now, Lindsay (reportedly) ripped a $1,750 Theia dress that a friend lent her for fashion week. But, according to Us Weekly, this wasn’t just a tear in the seam. She ripped it in half

This is why we can’t have nice things, Lindsay!