Lindsay Lo-Down: Adderall Smuggling and Wardrobe Malfunctions

April 1, 2013 By:
Lindsay Lo-Down: Adderall Smuggling and Wardrobe Malfunctions

To start your week off right, let's check in with Lindsay Lohan. Just remember, no matter how horrible your day’s going, at least you’re not in her shoes.

Adderall in rehab. Makes sense, right? According to TMZ, Lindsay insisted that she be allowed to consume unlimited amounts of Adderall while in rehab to help combat her attention deficit disorder.

In fact, it was part of her plea deal and her lawyer, Mark Heller, assured her that they could probably work something out.

What planet are they living on?

A loophole! TMZ is also still reporting that there is “no such thing” as lockdown rehabilitation, part of the terms of Lindsay’s plea deal arrived at two weeks ago, in New York.

No one knows what to do as a fallback plan and you’d think that they would have checked this out in advance. Currently, the other options are regular unlocked rehab or jail. Yay!

Holy BOOB! While riding in a helicopter in Brazil, Lindsay decided to where a loose sundress and no a bra. This, of course, led to some unwanted, but extremely warranted skin movement underneath. Her entire right breast exited the confines of the dress, making its big arrival before she did. Classy. You can see photos of the incident here.