Lindsay Leaving Rehab This Week

August 16, 2010 By:
Lindsay Leaving Rehab This Week

Sounds like things are starting to look up for Lindsay Lohan. There's a very strong possibility that Lilo will be released from rehab this week.

Lindsay may not have to complete the full duration of her 90-day court-ordered stint in the treatment facility at UCLA because doctors believe her drug and psychiatric problems are not as severe as they once thought.

Sources tell TMZ it is "very possible" that Lindsay will be freed from rehab this week and allowed to continue treatment as an outpatient.

Here's the catch though: even if doctors believe she should be released early, a judge has to sign off on the release. But Judge Elden Fox, who recently replaced Judge Marsha Revel will most likely sign the release if doctors believe there's no need for her to complete the 90 days.

While Lindsay will be thrilled about the news, her dad Michael Lohan is sure to be pissed. He actually predicted this.

He said: "My prediction is that Lindsay will get out of rehab early, probably still be on some kind of prescription drugs, she'll go right back to work and go back to hanging out with the same people and everything will once again fall apart. And this will only have been a band aid."

Do you think Lindsay's had enough time away from the limelight to get and stay clean? Or will she relapse again?