Lindsay Leaves Rehab to Shop

November 5, 2010 By:
Lindsay Leaves Rehab to Shop

Lindsay Lohan has been such a good little girl in rehab, they let her leave to go do what she does best--drugs some shopping!

Lilo got to leave Betty Ford for a few hours accompanied by another woman to go shopping at a nearby Forever 21 store. So what was on the shopping list?

Lindsay Might Go Vegan to Get Rehab Paid For

"Lindsay came in two days ago with another young woman. Lindsay kept to herself, but was friendly. Lindsay bought a leopard sweater, a lot of pajama bottoms, and a ton of socks," the store manager Tiffany Bennett told Radaronline.

She spent about $200 and actually paid for the merchandise herself, now that's a first! Some of the locals claim they see her at the Starbucks near Betty Ford all the time and she tries to stay low key. Maybe because she's not supposed to leave Betty Ford?!

I thought Betty Ford didn't give celebrities any special treatment? A shopping trip to Forever 21 sounds pretty damn special to me.