Lindsay Jokes About Stealing on Jimmy Kimmel

February 28, 2011 By:
Lindsay Jokes About Stealing on Jimmy Kimmel

Lindsay Lohan doesn't make being the butt of everyone’s jokes. Really, she doesn't!

Lindsay made a special cameo on Jimmy Kimmel's Oscar special last night during a hilarious infomercial parody advertising the Hottie Body Humpilates (HoBo) exercise program.

She starts her piece by talking about she spent "thousands of hours" watching Lion's hump--day and night. Jimmy then wraps up the piece by saying:

"The Jimmy K program is so affordable, it's practically a steal," Jimmy said, to which Lindsay added, "Allegedly."

Scarlett Johansson, Jessica Alba, Kelly Ripa, Minka Kelly, Jessica Biel, Eva Longoria and Sofia Vergara all make hilarious cameos in the skit as well.

Check out the video forward to the 6:15 for Lindsay's cameo...