Lindsay Is Done With 'Ugly Betty'

September 16, 2008 By:
Lindsay Is Done With 'Ugly Betty'

Lindsay Lohan
has turned into quite the blogger. She has been spending a lot of time in NYC working on the show 'Ugly Betty' but the fun times are gonna be coming to an end soon. Lindsay has written a blog expressing her sadness. She only has two days left of shooting and back to la la land for Lilo!

Read the entire blog below! She even manages to throw in a 'I love you ' to Samantha but never really mentions her name.

it’s a wrap!

first off-HAPPY BIRTHDAY MUMMY!!! (it was yesterday but i didn't have time to post a blog)

2 days left of my shoot on Ugly Betty-I am quite sad to have to leave the wonderful cast and crew behind. it's always sad to leave people that you get close's been such a delight to be a part of this show!!-My sister, Aliana is visiting me on set today and i loooove having her around... she makes me smile, just like another certain someone :)
love you baby xoxo

here's a song that i'm kind of into right now, aliana loves it, and we were playing it at 730am in my dressing room.. i heard that the singer wrote the song himself, so props to him for that, maybe we can do something together...

nuff said- hope everyone enjoys it :)