Lindsay: I Need to Focus on Myself

April 6, 2009 By:
Lindsay: I Need to Focus on Myself

We’ve heard of Samantha Ronson and Lindsay Lohan breaking up before, but we’ve never gotten any kind of confirmation that it’s true! So we guess they really are done this time, since Lindsay has issued an official statement confirming the split.

Today, Lindsay told E! News, "We are taking a brief break so I can focus on myself."

We’re not sure how “brief” Sam Ro wants it to be though. She reportedly changed her locks at the home the two girls were sharing in the Hollywood Hills. A source even told Us Weekly, “This time, Sam means it.”

But as angry as Lindsay may seem (she posted angry words to Ronson on Twitter), Samantha seems content with the decision. Her current mood on Myspace is “happy”, and under her “what am I doing” section, she writes, “Aura is Pleasanton is very plesant.” Whatever that means!

This may be a tough time for Lindsay, but we’re just happy we don’t have to hear about all their bickering every other day. Hopefully she heeds her own advice and focuses on herself.