Lindsay Hit With New Lawsuit While In Court

July 6, 2010 By:
Lindsay Hit With New Lawsuit While In Court

At this rate, Lindsay Lohan should just set up a cot at the courthouse. According to TMZ, she was served papers for yet another lawsuit while she was at the courthouse!

A process server reportedly tried to hand her the papers in the elevator, and she freaked out and wouldn’t take them. She also told people to get the guy away from her. The guy apparently dropped the papers at her feet, and according to California law, that counts, so Lindsay’s been served!

Judge to Decide if Lindsay Will Go to Jail

The process server was hired by Tough As Nails, which owns Church, the LA boutique that claims Lindsay owes them $17,000 worth of clothing and accessories.

Lindsay Lohan Jail

Girl can’t catch a break. But in a way, we’re glad everything is happening at once so it’s a huge wake up call for her!