Lindsay Gets Sued for Her Orange Glow

February 9, 2011 By:
Lindsay Gets Sued for Her Orange Glow

Lindsay Lohan will most likely be booked and charged with felony grand theft today and when she's done dealing with that mess, there's a hefty lawsuit waiting for her.

Lindsay, who clearly doesn't have an ounce of business sense, is being sued by a tanning company for over $40,000.

The owner of 'Tanning Vegas' claims they had Lindsay as a client from 2007 to 2009 and she has an outstanding bill of $41,031, which she hasn’t paid. WTF tans that much?! If they're responsible for the oompa loompa tan they gave her, she should really consider countersuing.

But wait, it doesn't end there. In addition to the unpaid debt, they're demanding the payment of her legal fees and interest incurred on the amount.

This is the same company that tried to sue her back in 2009 claiming she used their formula to start her own tanning line, Sevin Nyne.

Lindsay doesn't understand money or the consequences of her actions. You have to explain things to her like you would a child. 'Honey this is worth 16 expensive necklaces' and she'll nod like a 5 year-old.