Lindsay Forced to Come Clean About Cocaine

June 24, 2010 By:
Lindsay Forced to Come Clean About Cocaine

No more excuses for Lindsay Lohan.

She’s being forced to come clean about her drug use on the night she was arrested on a DUI in 2007. Authorities found two types of cocaine when she did a urine test, and found some in her pocket as well.

Lindsay Lohan Jail

Judge Richard Fox ruled today that Lindsay must answer questions as to whether she used cocaine the night she was arrested in 2007 after a joyride, which resulted in a lawsuit brought by people who were in the car.

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Seems a little obvious since cocaine was found in her urine, but we’re still happy to see Lindsay being forced to finally take responsibility for her actions.

Lohan's attorney Edwin McPherson argued that his client shouldn't be forced to answer the questions based on her Fifth Amendment rights, but the judge pretty much told him he doesn’t care.

McPherson convinced the judge to have the deposition take place at his office in Century City because it’s more secure than where Lohan was previously deposed in Venice, where the media was all over her.

Tracie Rice, the woman suing Lindsay, was in the car driven by Michele Peck, the mother of Lohan’s assistant, that Lohan chased that night. She claims she spent about $7,000 on medical bills, including a therapist who charges $175 per visit, and lost her $60,000 per year job because of the incident.

Her lawyer Paul Hoffman said, "Lindsay Lohan behaved in an outrageous way. It's up to the jury to decide what the damages are."

Apparently Lindsay offered the woman a settlement but it was rejected.

Lindsay always acts like a spoiled little brat with a million excuses when she's questioned by a judge, so we'd love to see what it'll be this time.