Lindsay Escapes Jail Time, Charged With Misdemeanor

April 22, 2011 By:
Lindsay Escapes Jail Time, Charged With Misdemeanor

Lindsay Lohan
 got lucky...again. Judge Stephanie Sautner just reduced her charge from a felony to a misdemeanor, which means she does not have to do any jail time.

She did however violate her probation by allegedly stealing the $2,500 necklace from Kamofie & Co, so she'll still have to stand trial for theft.  

The penalty will be determined after the verdict in the trial.

Here's the breakdown of what went down today in court:

  • Tinelli Comsooksri, an employee at Kamofie & Co.,  the L.A. jewelry store Lindsay allegedly stole from, was called to the witness stand. She said Lindsay tried on a pair of $1180 earrings days before the alleged robbery and almost accidentally left the store with one of the earrings on her ear. She returned it immediately and apologized for the mistake.
  • Kamofie & Co. owner, Sofia Kaman was just called to the stand. She says she had to close down Kamofie & Co. for 2-3 days because of the incident.
  • According to TMZ, Officer Peggy Thusing with the LAPD, Senior Officer for the Venice community just took the stand. Thusing says she received a call from Lindsay's assistant Elinore soon after the incident -- and Elinore said Lindsay was upset about Internet reports that she had stolen a necklace. He said he instructed Lindsay to return the necklace directly to her.
  • Detective Claudia Castruita, Det of Homicide Division LAPD, Pacific Division was also called to the stand.