Lindsay Demands Apology From Court

August 23, 2010 By:
Lindsay Demands Apology From Court

Now that it’s become public knowledge that Lindsay Lohan is not a complete drug addict as was previously reported, she wants a big ole “I’m sorry.”

According to Pop Tarts, Lindsay wants a formal apology from the court for the initial assessment that claimed she was addicted to cocaine, had Attention Deficit Disorder and was bipolar.

“Lindsay is fuming – she is really upset that the courts put her through all this,” said a source, adding that Lohan’s camp is now “exploring its options.”

Santa Monica-based Criminal Defense Attorney, Steve Cron added, “No judge or prosecutor could be sued under these circumstances, they have absolute immunity. Judge Revel formulated her opinion of Lindsay based on the information she had at the time from another program. The judge could still be dissatisfied with the report from UCLA and seek independent opinions or insist Lindsay be enrolled in other programs.”

According to the source, Lindsay is very concerned with her image, and feels she is owed an apology. She’s also reportedly relieved that there’s a new judge on her case.

“It’s a good thing for Lindsay, the new judge won’t have any stake in going above and beyond in trying to prove that what they said originally was right,” added Cron.

Think she’ll get one just because she’s a celebrity? She’s gotten preferential treatment throughout this whole process so we’d expect she’ll probably get what she wants this time too!