Lindsay Confined to One Floor at Rehab

August 4, 2010 By:
Lindsay Confined to One Floor at Rehab

More information has come out about Lindsay Lohan’s current stay in rehab. According to People, she is being treated in Resnick East at UCLA, also known as “4 East.”

"She's just so happy to be out of jail," says a source close to the actress. "But she also has a lot of anxiety about treatment and what it will be like. Being there for 90 days is scary to her, and, she thinks, way too long."

As for Lindsay’s specific treatment at the center, a source familiar with the program says it will be customized specifically for Lindsay.
"She will be neither unique nor the usual thing there," says the source.
"They will customize a program to help her with whatever she is going through. Everyone there is treated differently."

That being said, the insider says Lindsay won’t receive preferential treatment at rehab. The facility has a strict ban on cell phones, which must be one of the hardest things for Lindsay. The only way for her to communicate is via payphone in the common area.

"The general rule is no more than 15 minutes," says a former patient.

She will also be confined to the fourth floor of the building, although her visitors may come up to see her. Her day-to-day activities sound more like daycare than rehab. "We do puzzles together all day long – parrots, dolphins, landscapes," says the former patient. "It's our primary form of entertainment."

The therapy side of things includes personal and group therapies, strictly administered medications, occupational therapy and creative outlets to express her emotions.

"It's kind of like arts and crafts – decoupage, collage, painting," says the former patient. "She'll have different ways to express how she is feeling."

Apparently Lindsay is finally ready to get better. A source close to the actress says, "Jail was a big time wake-up call, but now that it's over, rehab will really be the only thing that'll get to her deeper issues and teach her to change for good. That's what everyone is waiting to see."

She seems to be in a very good place! While it may be a tough adjustment period, we think Lindsay will realize eventually that she is supposed to be there.