Lindsay Being Treated in Psych Unit

August 3, 2010 By:
Lindsay Being Treated in Psych Unit

Lindsay Lohan’s lawyer can deny all she wants, but facts are facts.

TMZ is reporting that Lindsay is being treated in the Neuropsychiatric Hospital at UCLA during her 90 days there. She’s not only being treated for substance abuse, but for psychiatric issues as well.

Rumor has it Lindsay is being weaned off Adderall, but her lawyer Shawn Chapman Holley tells TMZ, "The medical professionals at the treatment program are taking a fresh look at Lindsay Lohan and will evaluate which if any prescription drugs are appropriate or not. Under no circumstance is she being weaned off Adderall."

Of course not….because everything is fine and dandy. When is Holley going to realize the entire world knows Lindsay is not “ok,” and to cut the bullshit!

Obviously Lindsay is addicted to something, or the doctors wouldn’t put in her a substance abuse program!