Lindsay Back on the Road With a Maserati

August 26, 2010 By:
Lindsay Back on the Road With a Maserati

Look out, fellow drivers of Los Angeles! Lindsay Lohan wasted no time getting back behind the wheel after being released from rehab.

In fact, last night, the cameras spotted her driving around town in a Maserati! She was able to get her license reinstated yesterday at a DMV office in Santa Monica, and decided to go on a joy ride like the good old days…except this time around, she swapped out the booze and drugs for Red Bull. She picked up a few friends along the way.

According to People, Lindsay has fulfilled the requirements necessary in order to get her license back after a DUI charge.

With all the restrictions placed on her, like random drug testing and outpatient rehab sessions, you’d think the judge would give her a curfew too! But for now we expect Lindsay will be trying to utilize every free minute of her freedom, even if it means just driving around town in the wee hours of the night.

We guess rehab didn’t get her on a normal sleeping schedule if she’s still out tooling around at that hour!