Lindsay Back in AA Hoping to Save Her Job

September 20, 2010 By:
Lindsay Back in AA Hoping to Save Her Job

Lindsay Lohan knows she's on thin ice right now, which is why she was on her best behavior this past weekend.

We didn't see her stumbling out of a club drunk or high, but we did catch her on her way to a AA meeting.

Lindsay was spotted on her way to AA a day after she admitted to failing multiple drug tests. Of her failed drug test, she tweeted, "This was certainly a setback for me, but I am taking responsibility for my actions and I'm prepared to face the consequences."

Friends say she knows how much trouble she's in and is just now starting to take her probation seriously. Just now? Guess time behind bars and mandatory rehab was a just a joke to her.

Lucky for her she still has a job waiting for her if the judge decides to send her back to jail for violating her probation. The producer behind her new movie Inferno says he's going to stand by her and offer his support.

"The only producers in question would be Jordan Gertner or myself, and we are not expressing irritation, nor ' beyond irritated' to anyone – that is not to say we would not be upset over a breach of the court by Lindsay that has affected her personally, or the potential production schedule or location of the production significantly," producer Chris Hanley tells People.

He added, "We are way not happy to not be making this movie this year as planned, and if the ability to shoot in a film incentive program state is not available due to travel limitation placed on Lindsay, that would be a concern, but that cannot be addressed until it is known."

At this point it’s safe to say we're all sick of Lindsay and her irresponsible behavior. She has so much potential but is throwing her life away for a few parties. Get it together Linds, everyone’s loves a comeback!