Lindsay Avoids Jail, Headed Back to Rehab

October 22, 2010 By:
Lindsay Avoids Jail, Headed Back to Rehab

Lindsay Lohan has avoided jail! The judge ordered that she remain at Betty Ford until January 3rd, and not go back to jail.

Her scram bracelet will be removed, but she will still be forced to undergo random drug and alcohol testing until 2011 since she's still on probation.

Judge Elden Fox is apparently impressed with Lindsay's progress in rehab, and decided against sending her back to jail, which is what he initially wanted for her.

The DA recommended Lindsay go to jail for 6 months, but the judge obviously decided to go against that. He decided ultimately that rehab would be better for her if she's really going to get better.

Lindsay reportedly handed the judge a hand-written letter, which impressed him, and she also reportedly started crying in the courtroom and said thank you to the judge for sending her back rehab.

The judge told her, "I'm going to give you one more chance. There's a reason why I'm making you stay in rehab through the new year," and everyone laughed, including Lindsay.

He added, " You're an addict. I hope you understand that."

The judge gave her a pep talk about redeeming herself. He told her this is her last chance to change her life around. He said if she messes up, she'll basically be unemployable.

Lindsay reportedly nodded her head in agreement when the judge told her she was an addict.