Lindsay and Samantha Still Happy Together

June 10, 2008 By:
Lindsay and Samantha Still Happy Together

Yesterday there were rumors

that Samantha Ronson and her girl Lindsay Lohan had broken up. Those rumors were all just b.s. because the two are still happy together.

Lindsay Lohan was on the set of her movie Labor Pains yesterday when Samantha paid her a visit. Lilo seemed to be really excited when Sam showed up jumping on her for a big hug.

The rumors of a breakup started when the two apparently got into a fight on Saturday night while having dinner at Katsuya in Glendale, CA. Fights are normal! People don't breakup because of silly fights. If that was the case no one would ever last in any relationship. But then again, celebrities seem to give up on their relationships a bit quicker than average people do.