Lindsay and Samantha Get Matching Tattoos

August 7, 2008 By:
Lindsay and Samantha Get Matching Tattoos

Looks like things are really heating up between Lindsay Lohan and Samantha Ronson. The "couple" has reportedly gotten matching tattoos to signify their 'love for each other.'

Lindsay and Sam were sporting matching black hearts on their left hand as they arrived in LA after visiting Sam's family in Miami.

Lindsay, who had a white heart inked on her hand, between her thumb and index finger, had it outlined in black, while Sam got the same heart tattooed.

That's not all, Lindsay also had a red star inked on her right hand, to match the red stars Samantha has tattooed on her right arm.

Doesn't it almost seem like they're trying too hard to convince the world they're in love? We're convinced all those "spies" that are always talking to the tabloids about how much "in love" they are is really either them or someone from their camp talking.