Lindsay And Mary-Kate Fight Over Life Coach

August 4, 2008 By:
Lindsay And Mary-Kate Fight Over Life Coach

While these two starlets used to fight over a seat at the hottest bar in
town, Lindsay Lohan and Mary-Kate have grown up so much that they now fight over life coaches!

The two are currently in a war over custody of life coach Lori Cerasoli.

Apparently Lori was hired by Mary-Kate back in the day when
she was having her breakdowns, and now MK is furious that Lori has been secretly meeting with Lindsay to ease her through her transitional period.

Star magazine claims, "Every time Mary-Kate wants to get hold of Lori, she feels like she's with Lindsay. Mary-Kate called Lindsay and told her to get her own counselor."

Our question is, why is this woman only able to work with one client at a
time?! Seems a little sketchy that each girl wants her all to herself.

We'd also like to know Lori's secret, because whatever it is, she was able
to get both MK and Lindsay on the straight and narrow! Less, less "straight" in Lindsay's case, but you know what we mean…